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Jabber at CCNx Community Meeting 2011

Jabber Usage Information

We are setting up a Jabber chat room for use during the event.   Jabber/XMPP groupchat services will be available during sessions and at other times.  The ID of the chat room is

Accessing the Service

In order to access the groupchat service for the conference, you must have your own client and your own account.  You will need an XMPP account, which can be obtained from a number of public servers or from a private or corporate server you may have access to.  In addition, you will need an XMPP-compatible instant messaging client running on your computer or phone, or you will need to access a web client offered by various service providers.  Consult your client documentation for information on connecting to a groupchat room.

Use the following parameters to connect to the chat room:

  • Server:
  • Room: ccnxcon2011

We cannot provide help with the use of particular instant messaging clients, or the configuration of those clients.

Chatroom Logs

All conversations that take place in the ccnxcon2011 will be logged, and those logs will be archived and may be made publicly available.  Everything said becomes part of the public record.