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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is behind Project CCNx?

Project CCNx was launched by and is sponsored by the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) as one part of a major program in content-centric networking and its applications.  PARC seeded the project with the basic architecture and with early-stage versions of protocols and software.  The initial technical team consisted of researchers and developers from PARC’s Computing Science Laboratory (CSL).  While PARC will provide leadership and development resources for some time, the goal is to progressively build a vibrant community of open source developers such that the project may eventually become independent and self-sustaining.  Thus we hope that the answer to this question really depends on when you ask it.

Q. Why is PARC doing this?

PARC is in the business of innovation, and believes that content networking is an innovation with tremendous potential that can only be realized through a core set of protocols that are open.  The fact is that closed, proprietary network protocols and architectures don’t succeed on a large scale in the long run: basic communication infrastructure delivers value based on how widely it is implemented and deployed.  It is ultimately in the interest of everyone (business, government, and consumers) to share basic, general protocols that have low barriers to broad adoption and implementation on widely varying platforms, as we have seen with the success of TCP/IP.  In the  emerging area of content networking, therefore, it is in PARC’s interest to contribute to creating the best possible protocol foundation on an open basis, in the interest of clients.  PARC works with clients on the R&D needed to best apply the new model and open protocols to important business problems, in order to create innovative solutions.  PARC offers the option of such commercial engagements to interested companies through the PARC website.

Q. Is CCNx software subject to export restrictions?

The CCNx software distribution includes cryptographic software subject to export controls.  See the Exports Page.

Q. What software licenses apply to CCNx software?

Please see the Licensing FAQ.

Q. Is there a contributor agreement?

Yes, we encourage contributions to the source code, and we have developed a contributor agreement to assure that contributed code may be redistributed consistent with the open source licenses used in the CCNx project.  See the Code Contribution area for the contributor agreement.

Q. How do I…?

Please see the Technical FAQ.