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Main documentation points can be found both on this page, as well as the Documentation menu.  Many references within the documentation pages point to information contained in the software distribution itself.  How-To’s and actively updated documentation can also be found on the CCNx Wiki.

CCNx v1.0 Roadmap

PARC has been working on a protocol revision to CCNx.  As we have presented at the ICNRG workgroup meeting on Sunday at IETF 88, we would like to share the first drafts of the new protocols. The road map is now available for download. CCNx v1 Roadmap.


Software Documentation

API and other docs are available with each source release.  Here are documentation highlights from the latest release:

For complete documentation you can refer to the software bundle, or the CCNx Technical Documentation Index referenced above.

Internet Drafts

Experimental Drafts