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Contributing Code

We encourage contributions to the source code (including documentation in the code tree), here’s how to get setup:

  • In order to make contributions you must first sign and return the  Contributor Agreement to assure that contributed code may be redistributed consistent with the open source licenses used in Project CCNx.
  • Join ccnx-dev mailing list
  • Project CCNx uses git for managing the source code, so get your git repo set up.  See the Developer info.
  • Get involved in the technical discussion as appropriate and initiate discussion about new work before investing a lot of effort.
  • Update the bug database with information related to what they are working on or have discovered.
    • You may volunteer to work on a bug by writing to ccnx-dev mentioning the bug id.  After discussion and confirmation the project managers may assign the bug to you.
  • Submit patches created with git format-patch for consideration by the Core Development team. (This process is still to be refined and documented, it may change)