2014 Q2 CCNx Technical Document Release

We are pleased to release the 2014 Q2 CCNx Technical Document Release.  This release features the Hitchhikers Guide to CCNx, a great starting point for understanding the CCNx protocol and project.  Please check it out on our Publications page!

ccnx_admin2014 Q2 CCNx Technical Document Release

CCNx 1.0 Protocol Roadmap Available

PARC has been working on a protocol revision to CCNx which will be presented at the ICNRG workgroup meeting at IETF 90.  The road map is now available for download. Please check out the Publications page.

ccnx_adminCCNx 1.0 Protocol Roadmap Available

CCNx 0.8.2 Released!

CCNx 0.8.2 has been released!  Please visit the download page to grab a copy. You can also clone or fork the code directly from github.  If you do, please be sure to add yourself as a watcher. git tag: ccnx-0.8.2 / clone ref: 17ea3b3f1a64b618a27ce5c7219adb620e6fa88c

ccnx_adminCCNx 0.8.2 Released!